Obligations of Associated Schools and Centres

A Camões, I.P. associated school or centre must: 

  • Offer the teaching of Portuguese as a foreign language through general language courses and/or specialised courses whilst fulfilling all the conditions laid down by the evaluation entity compiling the quality report;
  • Establish curricula based on Camões, I.P. benchmarks with clearly defined quality levels, specific objectives and contents, methodological guidelines and criteria for evaluation;
  • Operate a staff training programme in accordance with the one defined by Camões, I.P. in the membership contract;
  • Encourage student participation in certification programmes supported or sponsored by Camões, I.P.;
  • Promote Portuguese culture by organising extracurricular activities or through participation in activities promoted by Camões, I.P.;
  • Use the Camões, I.P. image in accordance with the standards set out in the rules regarding the use of the Institute’s logo and image;
  • Use the logo in publicity material concerning the teaching of English in associated schools and centres in accordance with the standards concerning graphic image;
  • Provide Camões, I.P. with any information that might be requested in relation to the teaching of Portuguese as a foreign language and any other matters relating to studying the language;
  • Pay Camões, I.P. an agreed annual fee (variable in each country) to be a member of the association.