General requirements

The general requirements for becoming a Camões, I.P. associated school or centre are initially intended for institutions dedicated to the teaching of Portuguese as a foreign language in person to be specified and assessed in check lists. The requirements relating to associated schools and centres are as follows: 

  • To be a language teaching establishment offering the teaching of Portuguese as a foreign language either exclusively, as a priority or as a complementary language with more than two years of experience teaching Portuguese or with staff capable of showing a similar amount of experience if the school opened more recently.
  • To be located in cities where there are no other Camões, I.P. associated schools/centres (except in exceptional circumstances).
  • To meet the minimum requirements of the System of Quality Accreditation for Camões, I.P. associated schools and centres in terms of the quality of their teaching, facilities and equipment, administrative organisation, information, advertising and legal requirements.