Objectives and applications

The project Network of Associated Schools and Centres of Camões I.P. is in line with the Institute's mission 'to propose and execute learning and teaching policies relating to the Portuguese language and culture overseas'.

This project is particularly aimed at schools and educational centres dedicated to the teaching of Portuguese as a foreign language that wish to be part of the network of Camões, I.P. associated schools and centres, both in Portugal and abroad.

The first phase of the project concerns schools and centres dedicated to teaching Portuguese as a foreign language on-site, in line with all the general requirements and commitment to quality set out by Camões, I.P.

The application process is divided into the following phases:

  • Application by the interested school or centre by sending a completed form and signed declaration complying with the minimum requirements;
  • A message of endorsement by Camões, I.P.;
  • An evaluation visit to establish the legal, physical, administrative and educational conditions of the school or centre seeking quality certification;
  • The signing of a three-year contract by Camões, I.P. and the associated school or centre if the establishment is found to be in full compliance of the minimum requirements set out by Camões, I.P.

Associated schools and educational centres are eligible to say that they are an ‘Associated Camões, I.P. School/Centre’ as well as using the corresponding logo throughout the duration of the contract, initially of a three-year duration but renewable for another four years.