European Union Project for the Consolidation of the Rule of Law Consolidation in PALOP and East Timor (PACED)

Various countries

Sector: Good Governance

Partners: Camões, I.P., national legal, executive and judiciary organisations in PALOP countries and East Timor

Budget/duration: EUR 8.4 million (EUR 7 million from the 10th EDF and EUR 1.4 million from Camões, I.P.) / 44 months

Aim of Intervention

To improve the capabilities of the PALOP countries and East Timor in the fight against corruption, money laundering and organised crime, including the trafficking of narcotic drugs.

In order to achieve the best results, the project aims to raise awareness among policy-makers and senior managers to support legislative harmonisation, training managers and technicians working for national authorities, increasing the knowledge of networks and developing a platform of shared communication for the PALOP countries and East Timor.

PACED works very closely with relevant national institutions in the legislative, executive and judicial sectors, including parliaments, legal services, ministries of justice, the interior and/or home affairs, anti-corruption agencies, financial information units (FIUs), supervisory authorities of financial and non-financial entities (experts in the fight against money laundering), relevant civil society organisations and the media.

More than 40 teachers have already been trained in PALOP countries and East Timor who are already prepared to spread this knowledge in their own countries where some 400 senior managers and technicians are located.