Creative Writing Laboratory - Advanced level

The advanced level Creative Writing Laboratory aims to create a project literary laboratory for writers. 

The Creative Writing Laboratory is designed for Portuguese language students anywhere in the world. 


Aims of the course

Ultimately, the main objective of this course is comprised by the following goals:

  • To consolidate knowledge on both technical and formal aspects of descriptive practices, narratives and poetics with the work carried out during the Creative Writing Labs, in order to create a project writing laboratory. 
  • To study the macrostructural aspects of a project writing laboratory (fable versus plot, creating characters, sequence order, imagery laboratory, climax exercises, etc.).  
  • To interiorise speech dimensions (dialogues, voice, syntax, rhythm, tempo, etc.) and diagetics (chronology, prolepse, analepse, motives, chapters, parts, frameworks, etc.) inherent to a project writing laboratory.
  • To draft a reasonably complex narrative from a set group of injunctions, reasons and operational guidelines taking teamwork into account.   

Course structure and teaching methods

The Creative Writing Laboratory is based on weekly modules (one per week) supported by a very brief theoretical introduction with a set of examples and weekly exercises.

The modules in the advanced level Creative Writing Laboratory are as follows: 

  • Module 1 - Fable and plot. The characters: from coming to being. Exercises
  • Module 2 - Creating sequences. Exercises.
  • Module 3 - Humour as narrative texture. Exercises.
  • Module 4 - In the free realm of images. Exercises.
  • Module 5 - Creating narrative multiplicities. Exercises.
  • Module 6 - The double climax. Exercises.
  • Module 7 - Preparing the fiction project. Exercises.
  • Module 8 - Fiction project - 1.
  • Module 9 - Fiction project - 2.
  • Module 10 - Fiction project - 2.

Course duration

The course lasts for ten weeks.

Tuition fee

 200 €


Assessment will take place during the final week of the Creative Writing Laboratory. Students and the course co-ordinator will assess the learning process mainly under a qualitative assessment.

Course certificates

All students successfully completing the course will receive an official certificate.



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